Clouds Over Amulet

Clouds Over Amulet

I’ve heard people say,”There are two seasons in Alaska: winter and road construction”, but there are also two road conditions: ice and tourists.

Mountains in Alaska must cause tourists to drive erratically because they will brake for stunning views, hairpin curves, and cliffs without guard rails, but take off like they just robbed a bank when they get to a passing place. If only tourists would pull over, but there are miles and miles of road with half-inch shoulders, offering no safe place for them to stop. However, roads are slowly improving.

A few years ago, road construction came to our stretch of the Glenn Highway. Along with removing the curves and widening the roadbed, we gained a scenic pullout overlooking the Matanuska River and the Chugach Mountains. It faces a peak we call Amulet. We are so thankful for a place where people can safely enjoy the scenery and we are happy to share the view.

Last week, I watched the clouds and sunlight as it danced around Amulet and stopped in the pullout to take a photo. The light was so dramatic, you wouldn’t know this was a full color photo. Every day is a different view. Would you like to see how it changes once a month?

5 thoughts on “Clouds Over Amulet

  1. Yes, I would like to see a photo once a month of the changes to the mt. Thanks for writing an interesting blog. You are dear to me. All my love to you.

  2. Just trying to leave a message again, Suzie – loved your info and certainly would like to see the changing skies and weather over Amulet.

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