Goodbye Summer

Last night we had our first frost. It wasn’t early and it wasn’t a killing frost, but it was a signal that summer is over. Heavy coats with a possible flurry of gloves and mittens are in the forecast. Soon the first V of geese will fly over and snowflakes will fall softly on our deck. Can you hear me sigh? I enjoy the geese and I love winter, but I resist saying goodbye to my deck full of flowers and herbs and I will miss meals with good friends in those chairs.

This morning I stepped outside and took a photo so you could see our deck too. The vibrant colors and the fragrance of flowers and herbs simultaneously soothe and stimulate my soul. The only improvement I can imagine would be to have you in one of those chairs, sharing a cup of tea with me.

What soothes your soul today?

6 thoughts on “Goodbye Summer

  1. What a beautiful sight!! The last time we saw your deck…there were no railings!! What a great spot to sit and have a cup of tea…that would really soothe my soul today!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. It looks like a place Molly can be Fancy Nancy all day long! Yes, I do believe winter may be on its way…..Mark, Joe and I were up on Lazy Mountain and a flock of cranes flew by…another sign of the changing season. And I do believe you have found success with your new postings, I so enjoy coming home on Friday nights and knowing there may be a musing from you!

  3. Nancy, today Molly was Fancy Nancy Who Hacks at Daddy’s Moose. She was given a knife and cut for about three hours with no band aids!
    Didn’t the cranes just get here?
    I’m so pleased you like my blog…

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