A Necklace of Gold Around the Mountains

A Golden Necklace

Winter isn’t just around the corner at our house. It’s just above the house. Trees are already bare at higher elevations with “Termination Dust” higher still. Ptarmigan and rabbits are exchanging their colored clothing for winter white. This week the sun shone and the trees glowed with unsurpassed brilliance. I wish you could have been with me when I took this photo so you could hear the wind in the leaves and smell fall in the air.

Every September I treasure each day the sun shines on the leaves. If I could tape them back on the trees to make it last, I think I would. Next week, they will all be gone, but in some way that seems to make these days more special.

One afternoon several years ago, I heard geese flying overhead and actually shed a tear. That summer we had a frost in July, a snow storm the middle of August and two days above seventy for the whole season. Summer just didn’t find its way to Alaska that year and I wanted to go south too.

Summer came to Alaska this year. It wasn’t hot and sunny, but we had several warm days and we didn’t have summer frost or a snow storm. However, that won’t keep me from looking for airplane tickets heading south…

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