Roasting Carrots in a Blue Haze

Multicolored Carrots

Last spring I bought a seed packet for multicolored carrots. I planted them with great anticipation and they grew according to plan until the poor things had their tops eaten off by ravaging moose. Although stunted, they were pretty and I thought such lovely specimens would taste good. I rinsed one with the garden hose and took a bite, and wondered if I had ever eaten a scouring pad before. They were fibrous with a flavor very similar to soap.

Determined to make them edible, I slathered them with olive oil, spices and salt and popped them in the oven. Our son came by and asked my husband for help moving a refrigerator into his nearby house. I decided to go along and leave the carrots to roast. Ninety minutes is too long to roast carrots. During the visit, my husband kindly asked if the carrots were OK, and I confidently reassured him that they take a long time to get soft. A cloud of blue haze greeted us when we opened the door but unbelievably, some of the carrots were excellent. A few unfortunate ones had turned to blackened char, collapsing with a psst when touched.

If you roast carrots, forty-five minutes would most likely be sufficient… unless you prefer blue smoke.

2 thoughts on “Roasting Carrots in a Blue Haze

  1. Oh, Suzie…..I can just see you and Lee entering the house to the “blue haze.” Colorful, just like the carrots!

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