Playing with Paper, Paint, and Paste (Geranium Collage Demo) Part 1

It is only paper, paint, and paste, but so much fun! Join me in my studio as we begin. Relax and have fun. This is kids’ play! “It’s all toys in the sandbox,” a friend wisely said when I started painting with oils. This is so enjoyable. Come along to my sandbox…

I’d so appreciate having your thoughts about this demo. Please tell me what is working, and what could use tweaking, or if I can answer any questions.

8 thoughts on “Playing with Paper, Paint, and Paste (Geranium Collage Demo) Part 1

  1. Loved the Demo Suzi!

    After the video finished choices of other videos appeared on the screen and they are not about your work. Wonder if this should happen on your art blog?


  2. Really good job teaching, so many painters aren’t teachers! The only change I would do is cover that bright window in the back, it made things hard to see. And I could see what was happening on the paper to the left. Maybe put the camera up higher and looking down more. Great first try!!

  3. Good thought, Gail. Perhaps I should just upload them to the blog instead of to You Tube. I’ll do the next one that way. Thanks for your comment!

  4. Carol, I think you are right. The light is distracting now that I look at it. And I’ll put the camera up higher too. That would help the light and allow you to see the left. I think it was the glare that was causing that. Thank you so much for your comments!

  5. Thank you, Helen. Maybe my “look” could be improved with one of your fun skirts or that dear hat in one of your recent blogs:) Looks like we both like to ‘cut and paste’!

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