This is For the Birds

"Raven Collage" 24"h x 14"

A couple of years ago, Picture This Art Gallery in Eagle River, Alaska, invited me to a group show. The theme was “Ravens” and at the time, I painted almost exclusively in watercolor. Ravens seem to require a visual vocabulary with lots of texture and that was when I discovered paper collage. Here are some of the ravens I did for the show.  The single raven was all cut(tear) and paste, but the “Local Branch” ravens had some additional paint added after the glue dried. Three of the five images I submitted sold which was nice, considering it was all done in fun…and for the birds.

"Meeting at the Local Branch" 14" x 24" collage

2 thoughts on “This is For the Birds

  1. Oh I love your work. Watercolor is so unforgiving! I can work in oil or acrylics when I dabble in visual arts, but watercolor intimidates me. I’ve never done well in that medium so that makes me appreciate it that much more.

    We’re hosting a contest on our blog if you would be interested in joining.

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