Silk Flags of Surrender

Iris Flag (dye on silk, 15 x 26)

Colorful dyes flow onto the beautiful silk and I set them with an iron as music plays in the background. Then the frustration begins. I carefully sew the hem at the top and bottom of the flag with my sewing machine, then tear it out because thread snarls up underneath and the stitches have jumped randomly about. And yes, I have tried all the tension adjustments (on the machine and in my mind) and I have put a piece of paper under the fabric to give it stability. Since sewing is one of my least favorite things to do, this has brought an end to making these flags and a beginning of a new use for the machine as a boat anchor. If you happen to have a suggestion for a friendly sewing machine, I might reconsider.  For now, this is the end and I feel a huge sense of relief. Would you like to see the other three flags?

2 thoughts on “Silk Flags of Surrender

  1. You may just need a different needle? Fine fabric requires a fine, small needle to sew well. Have you asked Wendy Smith Wood about it? She’s done a lot with silks and may have an idea. LOVE the iris–they’re my favorite!

  2. Talking to Wendy is a great idea. Catching her at home is the hard part. This sewing machine doesn’t like any fabric. It does the same thing on cotton. Thanks for the ideas. I’ll try and connect with Wendy. Did you know she is my neighbor? Sorry, I don’t know who you are…just “anonymous”.

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