Unhappy Holidays


For some people, the holidays are full of happy events, pleasant family and great friends. For others, this is the first Christmas alone or the end of a year that seemed to go on forever. Painful is just not an adequate word to describe what these folks are going through.

Several years ago I was shopping during the holidays. My mind was occupied with thoughts of my parents and my mother’s journey into Alzheimer’s. I pushed my cart into the checkout line behind an older man to wait my turn. “You’d be pretty if you smiled!” he said boisterously. I couldn’t say a word, which was a good thing, because I was thinking, “You’d look better if I ran over your face a few times with my cart!” (“If you can’t say anything nice…”) This man’s insensitivity taught me the value of being kind to strangers.

For those of you who are hurting, I hope strangers show you kindness and your soul is blessed with peaceful moments. And you don’t have to smile.

4 thoughts on “Unhappy Holidays

  1. Pat’s mom also had Alzheimer’s. It was not an easy time. Each death of a parent has been so very painful, and we are truly thankful for the many who have pressed in around us with words of comfort and protection when our hearts have felt so raw. This holiday season was a tough one for us, as we remembered some losses of those we loved most. This was a good word, Suzie. Let me see people with eyes of compassion.

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