Painting Facebook Photos

Ballerina Buddies

I have a file on my desktop of some “paintable” photos people have posted on Facebook. The images in this file are “paintable” because people or animals are doing an activity that they love and it shows in their expression or their body language. I’ve decided to take ten photos and paint them, then post them on this blog. I don’t have ten in the file yet so I’d love to have you send me images that warm your heart.

This is what I have in mind: I’m under no obligation to paint images sent to me and you are under no obligation to buy, but you get first chance to purchase it. The images MUST be yours! (no professional photos) I can’t use images taken with a flash…sorry.  These paintings won’t be portraits because I don’t want to get bogged down in getting the likeness perfect. These are for fun. This one of the ballerinas is as close to a portrait as I’ll do. I’m drawn to images of children, sports, people doing things together, pets-anything with sunshine on it, but I’d really like to focus on people. Oh, and I would like your permission to post your image and an image of the painting. I’ll accept photos until the end of February.

I’ll be looking in my inbox for your photos at this email address: Let the fun begin!

"Ballerina Buddies" 9.5"x13" watercolor

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