Painting Facebook Photos 2

"Fall Walk" 11"x11" watercolor

Looking at so many photos of my friends playing and enjoying life has been so much fun. I’ve perused my Facebook friends’ photos and found so many delightful images that it will be hard to limit this series to ten.  Ballerina Buddies is the first and this one is the second.

This painting is from an image posted by a lovely lady who was once our neighbor. She has the voice of an angel and sang in a children’s choir here in Alaska. She is a wonderful mom and loves to do fun things with her family.

I’ve started the next painting and I can’t wait to finish and share it with you. This one will include an animal. If I use one of your photos, I will ask permission before I publish it to my blog or on Facebook.

Fall Walk Reference

15 thoughts on “Painting Facebook Photos 2

  1. Another wonderful choice of photo captured beautifully! I’m loving this series already!

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