Painting Facebook Photos 3

"Claudia and Lola" 8" x 8" oil

This is Claudia, whom I’ve known since she was a little girl.  Here she is with her horse, Lola. Claudia told me that when she was a young girl, she pinned a tail on herself for several months, convinced that she wasn’t a mere human. She lost the tail and is now a vice principal at a nearby school.

This is the third painting in my Painting Facebook Photos series. The first one is “Ballerina Buddies” , the second is “Fall Walk” . I’m having so much fun with these. I hope it shows in the paintings. The next one I’ve chosen is almost finished. It is a friend’s pet; a colorful character named Hagar.

Claudia and Lola

9 thoughts on “Painting Facebook Photos 3

  1. And I am having as much fun as you…..checking my e-mail to see if there is a new painting! Thank you!

  2. Absolutely wonderful…anyone who can do horses has a gift…anyone who can do people has a gift…anyone who can do BOTH…


  3. These are so fun, Suzie! What a great idea. I bet it’s generating a lot of interest among your friends, too. Yes, it shows you’re having a good time.

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