Painting Facebook Photos 5

"Ladies" 11" x 11" watercolor

I have a friend who travels extensively, purchasing materials for her Rain stores in South Africa, Amsterdam, and New York.  She creates bath and body products that pamper all of your senses.  On top of being amazingly creative, she is generous and kind, employing as many people as she can in a country with high unemployment.

On a trip to Croatia, she took this photo and posted it on Facebook. I had to include it in this “Painting Facebook Photos” series. What are these ladies discussing? I would be so happy to have your help naming this painting. Please post something in the comments or on my Facebook page. This is going to be good!


6 thoughts on “Painting Facebook Photos 5

  1. I love your choice of colors – it is a wonderful image and I like the women’s positions as they chat. (The lady in the center must have a ton of personality…she seems to have the others tuned in but a little nervous!)

  2. Suzie you have such a special gift. What a richly talented lady.
    These ladies were widows in their mourning period but you have given then joy and hope and a lightness of being.

  3. Oh, thank you so much, Bev! I’m so very glad that you liked the painting. There is just so much going on beneath the surface in what you captured. Thank you for permission to use your photo and your kind words of encouragement. Richest blessings dear friend…

  4. Wonderful as usual! The subject matter is delightful and you’ve captured the heart of it so well!

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