Painting Facebook Photos 6

"Friendly Feet" 9.5" x 15" watercolor

Kendra, who is a friend on Facebook, is a delightful combination of brilliance and fun. She took this photo and posted it on her wall in black and white. This image is the sixth of ten in my “Painting Facebook Photos” series. Because I know some of these colorful characters who are wearing these shoes, I wanted this painting to have fresh, clean colors. I chose to use only three tubes of watercolor; Pthalo Blue, Red Rose Deep, and Hansa Yellow Light.

I wanted the shoes to sparkle against neutral  pavers so I started with a little color sketch. The terra-cotta pavers in the top sketch are warm and sunny, but I wanted the warmth to come from the shoes and feet, so in the bottom sketch I tried a gray-blue with the clean colors coming from the shoes.  The result was sparkling shoes and clean colors.

An interesting thing to note is while the sun is coming from one direction, creating the main shadows, there is a bright window creating another subtle light source seen mostly on the boots. Am I an artist or a detective?

10 thoughts on “Painting Facebook Photos 6

  1. At least as interesting as what you’ve created is the story of your thoughts and the process that brought it about! I’m really enjoying the blog of how it all comes together! I think more about the painting that way!

  2. Oh, thank you Daphne for your comments. It would be lonely here without you! Blog:Creating in Alaska Facebook:Suzie Althens Studio


  3. Whether artist or detective you are a PRO at it. Good painting and I appreciated your color sketches and commentary how-to as well.

  4. I love that you are doing this project Suzie! This painting is especially fun:) Good challenge using only 3 colors of paint. The colors are crisp and vibrant….beautiful work!

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