“Snuggling Sisters” revisited

"Snuggling Sisters" watercolor

"Snuggling Sisters" watercolor in progress

Although there might not seem like much of a difference between the two paintings, the critic within relaxes. I’ve heard famous artists say there is always something different you would do in a painting, but when it is finished, just go on to the next one. So I’ve already started Painting Facebook Photos #9!

Thank you so much for your kind, encouraging comments!

2 thoughts on ““Snuggling Sisters” revisited

  1. Hi Johnny, I’m guessing you liked #8 before I had finished it. I always love to have people comment and find different perspectives interesting. Funny that you would use the words “open and welcoming” when I was wanting to sort of “tuck them in” by making the blanket darker in the foreground, making those eyes stand out more. It is amazing how just a tiny change can make a painting say something entirely different. Thank you for your comment!

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