Painting Facebook Photos 10

"Together" watercolor 9" x 9"

I don’t know if these boys inherited the songbird gene that runs in this family, but their mom, aunt, uncle and grandmother sing like robins in the spring. Years ago, my husband was their bus driver and every one of them serenaded him on the long ride from school to home.  Because of Facebook, we’ve been able to stay connected. This is a photo posted by Evelyn, the grandmother songbird. Sometimes one of them will post a video of a sibling singing and they post the nicest comments to each other. It’s a thing of beauty to hear them sing and “listen in” to their comments.

This is the final painting in the “Painting Facebook Photos” series. I’ve enjoyed it so very much. Your comments were so encouraging. Thank you!  I’d love to have you tell me which one was your favorite.

I’m going to start another series and I’ll post the first one in the next couple of days. This is a light-hearted and fun series to welcome spring.

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