Spring…and the Non-existent Dogwood

Spring is a long way off in Alaska. The days are longer, but it will be several weeks until there is enough heat in the sun rays to melt the mountains of snow outside.  My rhubarb plant has about five feet of snow over it. I’m trying so very hard not to whine, but the posts of glorious spring weather I read about on Facebook cause me to sigh. Denial is working pretty well for me. I bought a sprig of fake dogwood and I chose to paint spring. Dogwood trees don’t grow in Alaska, but we have a pretty little dogwood flower that grows about six inches high…also under mountains of snow. I don’t want to think about it. I’m going to plant seeds and paint.

4 thoughts on “Spring…and the Non-existent Dogwood

  1. I love your painting, Suzie, and the warm thoughts of the hope of spring to come. Oh, this is definitely the hardest part of living in Alaska. I remember my 27 years… thinking, “will summer ever come?” And then when it does, you feel like it was all worth the wait.

  2. I do have lots of beautiful gardening books and some pretty nice perennial gardening stuff too – let me know if I can give you an infusion of spring with some books! Ohhhhh, I do feel like you when I look towards the garden and can only see the top 6″ of a 5′ fence for all the snow. But then I look up at the mountains and I come home and read my friend Suzie’s musings and I feel happier! Thank you!

  3. Sylvia, I really don’t mind winter, but this year there is just so very much snow! I go through this every year. Thank you for your encouragement.

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