Sketching in Alaska

Today the sun shone on the mountains and on the flowers my husband bought for me. It was a gorgeous day.  I hopped in the car and sketched these within seven miles of our house.

Would like to see a watercolor demo? Please give me your opinion. Well, tell me if you can. Apparently, posting comments isn’t as easy as it might be.

Here are the rest of the sketches for today.  I painted the tulips with a watercolor wash first, then I drew the ink lines.

23 thoughts on “Sketching in Alaska

  1. Amazing how something “sketched” can give such a clear picture! They are all lovely, but the last one in particular really draws the eye in.

  2. Hi Suzie, I came over from Strathmore to see what you are doing. Beautiful pictures. I haven’t done much with the class yet as I’m going in too many directions at the moment, but hope to get into it soon. I”m “liking” here and hope you’ll follow on my blog too:

    an American in Ukraine

  3. I’m no expert, but i know what I like and I love the mountain paintings. I’m always in ah of people with talent who create what they see.You my friend are an artist!!!!

  4. I found you through the Strathmore site, and I’m so glad I did! I love your fresh style! I’ve subscribed so I can keep up with your posts. I visited Alaska with my family in 2006 and kept a travel sketchbook during the two weeks we were there. I thought you might enjoy seeing it: I hope I can return one of these days, but until then, I’ll get a taste of it through your blog.

  5. How pretty and light and airey your work is. found you thru Strathmore, we are just finiding each other like crazy. xoxox

  6. Thank you, Annette! That group is great, isn’t it? I’m really enjoying the people and the ideas there. I’m on my way to take a look at your blog.

  7. I would love to see watercolor demos. I think most artists enjoy seeing the step-by-step process that others use to complete their sketches or paintings. I’ve only ever done one post like that on my blog, but it still gets a lot of hits a year later. Guess I need to do it again. Looking forward to seeing yours!

  8. I just signed up for the course. I’m a bit reluctant that my plate is pretty full right now, but this is something I’ve always wanted to learn to do… so I hope I find the time. Especially with all the travel we’ll be doing this next month…this would be so perfect if I can fit it in!

  9. Sylvia, I’m so glad you signed up! I think the course is available until August or something, so you have lots of time. And there aren’t really assignments. You just do them if you want. Enjoy the videos and grab a sketchbook and you’re off!

  10. I’m barely keeping my head above water with jet lag and my new website, and feeling totally flustered with trying to understand certain aspects of it. And I need to be prepared for the “masters class” I’m taking in April with Jean Haines, which will be right on the heels of another trip. I’d love to be able to do this journaling while we’re in Prague for Easter. My Lenten fast: “No Worries”. I think I need to remember that!

  11. Your sketchbooks must be a delight to browse…you do such lovely work!

    Btw, I’ve added you to my sidebar blog list so I can keep up to date with your posts.

    Have a love weekend,
    Serena 🙂

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