Flowers Under the Snow

It’s a good thing  I love snow because there is now at least two feet of it on the ground. Unfortunately the snow is starting to look dirty, old, and tired. Most Alaskans and particularly the moose are ready for it to just go away.

I’m part of an artists group where we post images from our sketchbooks. Lately there have been sketches of beautiful spring flowers growing where the climate is much warmer. I must admit that a sigh escapes me when I see budding rhododendrons, daffodils, tulips, petite crocus and grape hyacinth. Our wildflowers will be here in May and June and it will be a riot of color here then. So in order not to feel left out, I sketched a pretty little flower that grows rampant in our area. It is the tough little Twin Flower. It creeps along the ground in the open and under trees, sending up delicate little pairs of bell-shaped pink flowers.

Twin Flowers

4 thoughts on “Flowers Under the Snow

  1. I love the way you’ve spread this sketch across the two pages. And I’m delighted to make acquaintance with the twin flower – I’ve never heard of it before. Thanks, Suzie!

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