Supporting Grapes

"Fall Grapes" original watercolor 14h x 11 (framed)

In the spirit of shalom from an earlier post I’ve donated this original framed watercolor for an auction to benefit a family with medical bills who are also in need of community support and encouragement.

I painted this watercolor from a photograph I took of grapes growing in my brother’s yard. I remember the warm grapes shining in the sun and their sweet, tart, dusty taste on my tongue. Grapes need support and care in order to not only survive but to produce. It is somewhat symbolic to have this painting generate a small blessing for my friend and her family.

If this is a painting you would like to bid on, please let me know. The bidding begins tonight at 5:30 and ends May 5 at 3pm, Alaska time. I’ll post bids in the comments. If you want to follow more closely, you may look on my Facebook page

Some of you have told me that you are unable to post comments. Drat. I’ve made all the changes I can. If you want to contact me, please email me at suziepaints @ I would make it a link for you, but apparently that is like a spam magnet. Thank you for your understanding. Just eliminate the spaces and it will work.

Post your comments and thoughts here.

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