Prince William Sound

Last weekend we drove to Prince William Sound to launch our “new to us” boat and to try our luck with our new shrimp pots and new halibut rods. It was beautiful. This is what the Valdez harbor looked like as we left it on Sunday (below).

I turned around and took this photo (below) as we left the harbor and entered Valdez Arm.

We set our shrimp pots in Jack Bay. (below)

Lovely shrimp (below).

There is a writing exercise where you only write two-word sentences. I decided to do that with this trip. It’s harder than it looks. Here goes:

Launch ramp. Heavy overcast. Gray water. Light chop. Under way. Salty spray. Valdez Arm. Shoup Bay. Potato Point. Jack Bay. Shrimp pots. Buoy marker. Galena Bay. Bligh Reef. Halibut rods. Herring bait. Flat calm. Rainbow arch. At anchor. Warm sun. Gentle rocking. Drooping eyes. Porpoise pod. Humpbacks breach. Geyser spout. Powerful breaths. Eagles soar. Gulls mew. Otters wave. No halibut. Pot puller. Three pots. One shrimp. Not good. Bait pots. Reset pots. Following seas. Sail boats. Oil tankers. Alaska Ferry. Tug boats. Charter boats. Harbor entrance. No Wake! Tie up. Night’s rest.Glassy water. Warm sun. Pull pots. Thirty shrimp. Not great. White caps. Following sea. Harbor entrance. Launch ramp. Pull boat.

Oh, I wish you could hear the sound of the whales breathing! It is amazing to hear that powerful surge of life from under the water. Thrilling.

Last week the robins returned for the summer and their song always makes me smile. It too was thrilling. What things do you find thrilling where you live?

11 thoughts on “Prince William Sound

  1. I find it exciting to hear of you and Lee’s adventures….we live vicariously through your descriptions and pictures. Thrilling for us is learning that our grandson made the honor roll…miss you both!!

  2. I’ve never done any form of fishing in my life. How awesome to get fresh catch for cooking! What happened to the shrimp? 🙂

  3. I’m sure they were! They must have been sweet and succulent. I love fresh seafood! I’ve never combined ginger in garlic — something new to try in the kitchen 🙂 My mouth waters at the thought…

  4. Oh, it is fabulous in salad dressing, with seafood, chicken, pork. Ginger, cilantro and garlic are my favorite combination along with warm quinoa or couscous and mango. Yum…

  5. Oohh, any recipes to share? 🙂 I’ve only recently discovered quinoa (and loving it!), which I made into a Tabbouleh salad. Hoping to use it more!

  6. Oh, if too much trouble don’t worry about it, Suzie! I can try improvising with the garlic, butter and ginger combination for the meantime — thanks so much 🙂 I just realized I’ve done combined these way back in college, when I used to cook fresh clams. The smell was incredible!

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