Sketching Spring While Snow Falls

Spring is dragging its feet here in Alaska.  A week ago the sun had been warm and kind, then off it went,  replaced by snow and clouds.

A miniature rose with sunny blossoms was waiting for me at the store in the Valley and although my husband wasn’t with me, he bought them for me for Mother’s Day. He’s nice that way.

So with snow falling outside this morning, I happily sketched these roses in my studio.

The sun came out briefly this afternoon and although it was still cool, I sketched the shadows that fell on a balsam poplar. Wildflowers will show up soon and they will be wonderful to sketch out in the warm sunshine, but until then I’ll paint color where I can find it.

8 thoughts on “Sketching Spring While Snow Falls

  1. And I love husbands who buy us flowers when we need them most! I love the roses Lee chose for you! Thanks for the burst of color on this gray morning.

  2. Happy Mother’s day! At church this morning, on the bulletin was written:
    May the Shalom of God complete your life. There’s that wonderful word again.
    Your watercolor roses and tree are lovely. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. I was looking for twin flowers on google and found your blog this morning. had a lovely stroll around, enjoying both your paintings and your photography. A gorgeous world you live in (as do i). Loved that watercolor that you added pastels too, a fun mix.

    wishing you sunshine ~

  4. Tammie, how nice of you to drop in! I popped over to your sight and my, you have some beautiful photos. Thank you for your kind comment.

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