A New Series and a Newer Website

I haven’t posted for some time, since I’ve been busy getting this website to function as more than just a blog. It is amazing how much time it takes to research options and set it up. Thankfully, I haven’t had to do this alone or it would have never happened. I finally have a place to sell and display art. There are several more pieces to post as well as the details of size and prices. Here is a piece available on the gallery.

Close-Up Geranium, watercolor

The next post will begin a new series called, “My Way or the Highway”.  During the summer you might see me sitting by the road as I sketch views along the Glennallen Highway here in Alaska and flora or fauna nearby-that part is the “my way”. We have some of the most amazing wildflowers. In fact, I sketched the first ones yesterday!

8 thoughts on “A New Series and a Newer Website

  1. What a beautiful piece….I love all the views of Alaska on your blog and your series of painting photos from Facebook…your work looks great!

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