Sketches of June in Alaska

About ten days ago, the sun came out and finally it warmed up. I’ve been outside sketching, gardening and playing. Without polar fleece.

Down at the Matanuska River.

Stopped to sketch the lovely River Beauty, or dwarf fireweed, as it grows along the Matanuska River. A cloudy day.

Near our house are lagoons. They are full of ducks and surrounded by flowers.

I sat on our four-wheeler as I sketched the lagoons and listened to the mother duck talk to her ducklings.

Last Thursday, I was a part of the reading program at our local (38 miles away) new library. We blew into a mixture of bubbles and paint, then laid paper on it. What great results. Art is such fun!

Children in the new Sutton Library courtyard.

Bubbles and paint and a few sparkles.

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