Sketching in the Summer-Belanger Pass, Alaska

My husband and I went on a little four-wheeler trip into the mountains on Sunday. Dramatic storm clouds ripped up and down the valley as we watched out of the wind on a hillside eating our lunch. Shooting stars, anemone, cranberry flowers and deep blue gentian were everywhere.

Something like snow started to fall. It was round like hail, but soft like snow. My husband called it “snail”. It looked as if it had snowed up the trail so we enjoyed the area around the pass, then made our way back home.

2 thoughts on “Sketching in the Summer-Belanger Pass, Alaska

  1. Just so we don’t feel alone….. Mark and I just spent a couple of days in Seward, wandering and enjoying and everyone there was talking about the cool summer! They also had lots of snow this past winter and there is fresh snow on their mountains. We arrived home today to fresh snow on Granite Peak… it JULY 12th? Hmmmmm, I’m not quite ready for snow yet!

  2. Nancy, we’ve had a frost out here already…there should be a support group for we who have a hard time with snow in July. I hope you had your mittens with you in Seward.

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