Sketches of Summer

Last week we went for a four-wheeler ride with snow falling around us. So far, it has been the coldest July on record. I think the birds are knitting socks for their fledglings since it is so cold. It is definitely taking longer than usual for birds to fly from the nest. This robin was busily feeding her chicks between sitting on them to warm them up.

In a shadowy spot near a lake grow the most beautiful Northern Lady Slippers. So elegantly they glow in the dappled sunshine I just had to inelegantly sit in the moss to sketch the last few blooms of the summer.

6 thoughts on “Sketches of Summer

  1. Mark took me out to our little patch of lady slippers last week. They bloom and fade so quickly – you must be in the right place at the right time. I picked one (I don’t want to lose our patch by picking too many) and brought it home to enjoy for one day. Now I have yours to look at too! Thank you

  2. Oh, Nancy, I’m so glad that you also have your very own patch. I don’t think they are all that common. I have only seen them in a couple of places. They are so beautiful when they glow in the sun…when we have sun…

  3. As I sit enjoying this view of my corner of Alaska, the cotton is dancing between the open window and the screen, as if to the beautiful music I’m worshiping with this morning. I can’t imagine any more shades of green, spread out in the valley scene before me. So beautiful!

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