Glacier in Glass

While talking to a fellow artist this week, we shared photos of mosaics we had done. I thought you might like to take a look too. This is a commissioned piece I did for the 1% for Art project for Glacier View School a few years ago.

“Glacier in Glass” was created with stained glass and glued to MDF board. For added sparkle, abalone and colored mirror pieces shine throughout the glacier and the foreground. It was such fun making this, but because the mosaic is at a touchable level, every piece-every tiny piece was filed to remove any sharp surface. Just about wore out my fingertips, but it is safe for little hands to touch.

Glacier detail

4 thoughts on “Glacier in Glass

  1. Yes you are right about not being as forgiving as collage especially if you are working with
    stained glass! I tried stained glass once but working with sharp pieces made me a little nervous.
    I totally understand filing down all the pieces for the mosaic to be safe for little hands.
    Your love for children shows through your art… like when you painted with bubbles with
    the children!

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