Turning Tomatoes into Sunshine

My greenhouse produced lots of tomatoes this summer. Unfortunately, the variety I chose and our cool summer didn’t give them very much flavor.   You can get flavorless tomatoes to taste like they were grown in hot sunshine. Here’s how:

Cut up tomatoes and put them on a baking sheet with high edges, unless you don’t mind your house filling with smoke, then use a flat one and leave the windows open and alert the neighbors that your house isn’t on fire. Cut up some onions, garlic and some herbs (I used basil, rosemary and marjoram) and sprinkle with kosher salt and olive oil.

Place in a 350 degree oven. Every couple of hours stir them up a bit. They are finished when they look leathery with some blackened bits. This will take about four to six hours, depending on the moisture level in the tomatoes

Allow them to cool a bit and scoop them into a food processor or blender. I add more fresh herbs at this point. Blend til it is the texture you like.

Use this as an amazing sauce for pizza or all things Italian. I freeze mine and taste sunshine all winter long.

9 thoughts on “Turning Tomatoes into Sunshine

  1. Oh yum…. those are beautiful pictures and tomatoes – I am sending this on to my sister-in-law who has a greenhouse full of tomatoes! Thanks for sharing

  2. Linda, I grew four varieties; Whopper, Container’s Choice, Sweet 100 and another one I can’t remember. The Sweet 100 is always marvelous with lots of flavor. The others had little flavor and thick skins. Roasting them gives them lots of flavor!

  3. Yes, cooking always seems to bring out a lot of flavor in tomatoes, thankfully. I’ve heard a lot about Sweet 100 this year, it seems to be incredibly popular.

  4. Linda, the Sweet 100 will always have a place in my greenhouse! I think it is the same or similar to Sweet Million. It is also a pretty plant with cascading strings of fruit. I might just grow those exclusively next year. They are small, but wonderful.

  5. Yeah, I find the cascading fruit is quite lovely and interesting…definitely grabs attention! I’ll have to try growing one since they’ve gotten to popular!

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