Sketching the Fleeting Fall Alaska Days

September in Alaska can be beautiful. We have had a few days that were spectacular with blue skies shining on snow-capped mountains and the foothills a brilliant red with their covering of alpine bearberry and blueberry leaves.  One day I stopped to sketch at Eureka summit on the Glennallen Highway. The spruce trees are so scrawny and gray, but their summer is only a few weeks long and their roots have only a few inches of soil from which to gather nutrients before they hit permafrost. It is amazing they grow at all. All too soon snow will blanket them until May.

Our deck was so pretty this summer. I took the photo below on August 31. Since then, we have had several frosts which made the plants look very sad. Now, everything is stored away for next year. Sniff, sniff…

6 thoughts on “Sketching the Fleeting Fall Alaska Days

  1. We are NOW starting to see and feel some autumn weather!!! I’m excited!! After roasting in Texas the last two weeks, coming back to this weather is wonderful!

    Love your deck set-up and I love your painting!

  2. You bring back such fond memories of gardening in Alaska. I lived in Southeast for eight years and my back porch looked much like this picture, especially the Nasturtiums. I used to graze my deck of all the edibles I planted from peas, to radishes, to salmon berries and of course the Nasturtiums. Alaska is where I learned to do watercolor and oils. Love your blog. You are so talented.

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