Sketching Among Falling Rocks

Much of Alaska received record rainfall this week. Flooding has been the main news. One section of our highway becomes impassable from huge rocks loosened by the rain and crashing to the road.  It truly is the most dangerous part of the highway.  The sun came out yesterday and I raced off in the car to go sketch on the side of the highway among the piles of rocks plowed to the side. I could hear little pebbles falling nearby, but I kept sketching, alert for crashing rocks.

Long Lake Hill. The highway is on the right and the lake is behind my sketchbook.

2 thoughts on “Sketching Among Falling Rocks

  1. I think we all stepped into that brief moment of sun yesterday just to take a deep breath and enjoy the warmth that is left in it for the year. You sketch captured one of our treasured views – thanks for sharing. Oh…..quick, I see a brief patch of blue, off I go to watch the rest of the leaves fall!

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