Golfing and Sketching Make A Great Marriage

I’ll never be a good golfer. I just don’t care enough. My husband, however, is all about making good shots and is much more serious about the whole process of getting that little white ball in the hole eighteen times in a row. Sometimes I will ride on the cart or walk the course with him and sketch. The only down side to this is I’m usually sketching when he makes a good drive. When he says, “How’d you like that?” I dumbly say, “What?” or “Oh, that was great!” whether I saw the shot or not.

While we were vacationing in Arizona earlier in November, we drove the “back nine” at Haven Golf Course together. Arizona has beautiful golf courses. Here are a few sketches. I sketched in pen then added watercolor later.



During our stay in Arizona, a sketching friend, Leslie, came to visit and we sketched for three days and had a wonderful time. You may see her sketches here on her fun blog.

5 thoughts on “Golfing and Sketching Make A Great Marriage

  1. Good question, Cris! I did write some colors in pencil on the page and erased the “note” before I covered it with paint. I usually only need notes for specific colors, like the terra cotta roof, etc. I use a variety of greens for the trees and take note where the sun is coming from and shade everything on the left or right as the case may be. Sometimes I’ll put some cross hatching shade lines in so I don’t forget what side of a building is in shadow. It helps if I paint the same day.

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