Sketching and Gratefulness


Sketching in Hawaii

I love to sketch! I’m more aware of colors and formations that would have gone unnoticed if I had only taken a photograph. It is deeper than “stopping to smell the roses”. It is more like grabbing my guitar and playing in a band…or maybe like dancing. Somehow the process of sketching helps me to connect to my surroundings. I see details in buildings, mountains, people and plants that would ordinarily go unseen. That is where the gratefulness part comes in. I appreciate the creation and the Creator more when I see the beautiful details in a flower or the light and shadows on mountains. I appreciate the building’s architecture, the labor to build it and its history.

Sketching isn’t only about the final drawing, but enjoying the process and the journey. It has been almost a year since I started a regular sketching habit. I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy it and the wonderful people I’ve met through the sketching groups I’ve joined. Here are some of my favorite sketcher’s blogs(the last one is my favorite and you might want to translate French to English with Google, but the images are lovely without translation):

4 thoughts on “Sketching and Gratefulness

  1. Thanks Suzie for sharing this and for sharing the other artists blogs. It is fun to explore the wonderful art work!

  2. I love seeing with the eye of an artist in order to appreciate the art of the Master Artist. Love your reflections on this one.

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