Humpback Whales Have it Right

We just returned to Alaska from sixteen sun-filled days on Maui.  Humpback Whales, who spend their summers in Alaska were there, leaping out of the water with abandon. Seems they eat until they are fat and full in our cold, but food-rich water, then turn around and head to Hawaii for a winter of birthing and mating. With all the celebrating, it is no wonder they are leaping and splashing about. We talked to a man on the beach who had watched a cow that morning (that would be the female whale for you who might not know. I’d hate to have you imagining an Angus leaping about in the water). The cow was holding her calf (yes, that would be the youngin’) out of the water after just giving birth.  Aren’t they clever to spend the winter in Hawaii? I think we should follow their lead. I’m so willing.  I just learned that they don’t eat much in Hawaii so I won’t follow their lead on that score.

On the last day of our visit, a turtle waved its flipper at us as we swam though the surf to shower and go catch the plane back to Alaska.

Here are some sketches of our trip. Have you been to Hawaii? What island did you visit and what did you love?

Charley-Young-Beach Kihei-church Kihei-on-tan little-sketches-Kihei

10 thoughts on “Humpback Whales Have it Right

  1. What a nice way to spend time in February! ( I kinda figured thats where you might of gone from your last post 🙂 ) I have never visited Hawaii but it would be fun to go there some day. I like your
    sketches! I think my favorite is the last one with the rocks on the beach and the deep blue water. Who needs a camera when you have a sketch book and pencil?!

  2. Loved them Suzie,your oh so tallented.If you like snow you could winter in Green Valley> LOL

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