A New Project

My husband and I took a short trip to Oregon to visit family. So wonderful to laugh and cry with my clan. Oregon is in early spring with crocus and daffodils blooming.



The sketch below is what it looks like in the town near where I live. I refuse to compare.


I’ve been waiting to tell you about a 1% for Art project I was chosen to paint for a retirement home in Fairbanks. Just in case you might not know what that is, we have a law that any building using tax money must use 1% for art on the building. It can be just about any form of art that will last the life of the building. I submitted a sketch for this building and they told me that mine was the only sketch that was positive and affirming of growing old. Could be that I’m closer to that group of people than they know…

Here is what I was looking at today. Three canvases make up the image that will be 32″x11′ long(81cm x 335cm).


See that tiny little sketch in the middle? That is what I have in mind for this piece. I’ll post when I get to another step. Since I took this photo this morning I’ve painted the sky. This is going to be so much fun…stay tuned!

17 thoughts on “A New Project

  1. Congratulations on being chosen for the 1% project, Suzie! That’s great news. I tried several times to get one of those & never did. I know your work will be a blessing to the folks in Fairbanks.

  2. Congratulations Suzie! It will be exciting seeing your photos as you progress with this work. I have just finished the wonderful book about Alaskan Settlers (The Snow Child) by Eowyn Ivey so have a special interest in your part of the world – so very different to life here in the Cotswolds in England!

  3. I remember you telling me about this project! I’m excited to see the progress. You will do a wonderful job!

  4. Your piece will be large as life – just like you!!! Congratulations on being choosen. Of course yours was positive, could you be any other way??? Never.

  5. Thank you, Margaret! The author of “Snow Child” lives just down the road from where I live. What a wonderful book, isn’t it? Thank you for stopping by.

  6. Congrats.. does this go inside or outside? Cant wait to see the progress. You were in my neck of the woods recently it seems. We are getting lots of Daffodils and crocus and primroses and soon the pink blooming trees will be in bloom. Spring is coming. Yeaaaaaa

  7. Thank you, Cris. This will be installed inside. Yes, I was in your neck of the woods for a few days. I’m envious of any color right now. We have blue skies and that is about all.

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  9. I knew i should have got your autography when you were in Arizona, now your going to be charging for it,LOL. That’s very exciting news good for you you deserve it. Best to you and Lee.

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