Creating a Collage Part 3

Paper and paint have been flying around the studio, and it is fun to see the image evolve. I started with laying down the trees since they will act as bookends for the piece. I’ll add paint to the paper to suggest shade and light later.


Then, I began making people out of different colored paper.



I made one dog by starting with colored tissue paper and adding texture with mulberry fiber. collage-11

This is what he looked like when I was finished with him. I wanted him to be a shaggy, friendly dog.

collage-12The fire that the group was sitting around started out as a raging inferno, but with a few rips and tears, it calmed into a friendly campfire.



This is what I see as I walk into my studio.


collage-8I will leave it for two weeks, then look at it with “fresh eyes”. I’m going to get on a plane and go to Italy for those two weeks! I’m hoping to post while I’m there, but if not, you will see some of my sketches and I’ll tell of my adventures when I return.

4 thoughts on “Creating a Collage Part 3

  1. Your collage is turning out wonderful! All the little surprises you have in it is so fun! I know the folks who see it daily will enjoy it so much! I think the dogs and the red jackets on the children are my favorite. Have a great time in Italy!

  2. What a lovely piece….and it really evokes the area around Fairbanks on the river! I love it.
    Have a great tiime in Italy, I look forward to seeing it through your eyes and sketches.

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