To Paint a Perfect Pear

Yesterday I took part in Palmer, Alaska’s third annual Who Let the Girls Out event. I taught two watercolor classes. Twenty enthusiastic ladies showed up and we had so much fun. The first class was painting geraniums and the second was painting pears. Here are some photos.

April 28 2013_2247

April 28 2013_2249


We had a wonderful time and all the pears turned out so beautifully. Even though we got squeezed out of our reserved class space and into a littler space, these ladies went with it and made the class a great success. Well done!

4 thoughts on “To Paint a Perfect Pear

  1. Suzie, I had so much fun in your watercolor class yesterday…I learned lots…Thanks SO MUCH 🙂

  2. Martha, having you in the class was so pleasant. I wonder if painting with watercolor has helped me “go with the flow”? I sure needed it on Saturday! Thank you for your encouragement. You are always welcome in my classes!

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