“River Memories” Collage

The collage for Fairbanks Pioneer Home is finished! There was a little hold-up when I checked on the new container of varnish and read, “do not ship for one to two weeks after applying varnish”. Those instructions weren’t on the other containers I had so unfortunately it was delivered a bit later than I’d intended.  I’m excited to see photos of it installed. Here are photos of the finished piece and some details.

River Memories Web

“River Memories” by Suzie Althens 11 feet long by 32 inches high

I included a special memory of mine you can see in the detail below. The lady on the left holding the little girl with dark hair could be my grandmother and me years ago.

River Memories detail 4

River memories detail 1 web

River Memories detail 3 web

River Memories detail 2 web

11 thoughts on ““River Memories” Collage

  1. Spectacular!!!! it looks great. Must be very impressive to see up

  2. Wonderful work Suzie! It will touch the hearts of many in that facility.

  3. so neat to see the creative process of this piece! turned out beautifully

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