Last of the Thirty Sketch Challenge

Finished! All 30 sketches are complete and on their way to Cape Town, South Africa, to be displayed there for the month of October. The booklet of sketches is on Ebay and the winning bidder will receive them when they return in November. Here is a link to see a thumbnail of all the sketches.

Down on the Matanuska River

Down on the Matanuska River



Day 29 web

Our fireweed signals that summer is over.

Our fireweed signals that summer is over.


This gives you an idea of the layout and the size of the sketches. There are sketches on both sides. Each sketch is 4 inches wide by 3.5 inches high and they all fold into a small little packet!

Thank you so much for joining me with these sketches. Your comments are so kind and encouraging. Now I’m off on another project. You’ll just have to wait and see!

5 thoughts on “Last of the Thirty Sketch Challenge

  1. I especially like the photo of you on your deck with all the flowers – enjoy them today – it’s looking like they may be gone tomorrow! Thanks for brightening my day with your sketches Suzie!

  2. Dear Suzie, I’m so amazed and impressed! Each sketch is beautiful, and your self-discipline is admirable. How wonderful that you get to join with other artists in displaying your sketches from all around the world.

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