Autumn in Alaska

Snow is creeping down the mountains in the North as the earth tips away from the sun. I find myself leaning toward the equator. Mornings are stunning this time of year as the golden aspen leaves sing against the brilliant blue sky.

Anthracite Ridge

Anthracite Ridge, behind our house.

Our greenhouse produced lots of beautiful tomatoes this year. I brought this clump in and sketched them. A red tomato just glows, doesn’t it? I didn’t try to stay in the lines with this one. It sits contentedly in my sketchbook, but I’ll carefully cut it out if you would like it. For sale here, on my Etsy site.

The last tomatoes from our greenhouse.

“How Do You Like Them Tomatoes?” 7″ x 9″ watercolor

3 thoughts on “Autumn in Alaska

  1. Susan, finding your posts in my mailbox is such a refreshing spot in my days. your description of the aspens, mountains and sky is right on. You do have the eye of an artist. When I take or look at photographs I think and feel the same thing. Yes, I sure do “like them tomatoes.” Are they for sale? Your friend and fellow artist from NW Illinois.

  2. Hi Suzie I enjoy autumn the most out of the 4 seasons. Your tomatoes are wonderful.. the edible ones and the painted ones! 🙂

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