Sketching Joy Hill From Facebook Photos

Many of my friends on Facebook post such excellent photos. The light or composition might be stunning, but honestly, I’m looking for the love: love of nature or the love of a dad for his son. It’s the element I’m drawn to more than light, color, and composition. It’s where beauty finds a home. It motivates and stirs me. The photos I find and put in my “to sketch” file are mere ghost images of what my friends love. Sketching them is like holding a precious jewel for just a moment.

Since the past two images I sketched were of living beings, I thought I’d mix it up a bit with a structure. My husband’s cousin owns a beautiful home in New Hampshire she calls “Joy Hill”. She is an excellent photographer and has posted many lovely images, but this one caught my eye.

Deanna's Joy Hill

Joy Hill web

13 thoughts on “Sketching Joy Hill From Facebook Photos

  1. Oh, my dear, I would say much more the spirit of the place, rather than its ghost! You’ve captured that love wonderfully well, along with the light…And it’s always about the light, isn’t it!? Thank you so much for loving Joy Hill though you have yet to walk the hayfield or sit at Fools on the Hill on a summer evening! Soon, I hope!

  2. Thank you, Deanna. I loved thinking of you walking there, taking those photos filled with love and light. One day we will walk it together. Soon, I also hope!

  3. Oh, this is wonderfully beautiful. What a lovely home. Your illustration captures the happiness and tranquility I see in the photograph.

  4. Thank you Kayse, for stopping by and your kind comments. I think “Joy Hill” must be the perfect name for this place, don’t you think?

  5. I actually dreamed the name “Joy Hill” when I was building it. Long story, but the word “joy” has been important to me since I was a very young woman. Let me know if you wanna know the story and I will send it to you. And yes, it is the perfect name for our wonderful home!

  6. You have captured the feel really well, I want to go rest in the field, hear the bees and just be. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Suzi! We received the watercolor of Joy Hill yesterday! Thank you so much! What a beautiful piece! Tim was flabbergasted and overjoyed when I showed it to him. We have already found a spot for it on our art wall in the kitchen and it is going up just as soon as we get it framed, (and your little note card has already gone up on the frig… a place of Honor, believe me!) ! Thank you so much, my dear! It is a very precious gift!

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