Alaska Wildflowers on Silk

Lupine Scarf web

Lupine on silk scarf (14″x 72″)

A friend called last week to ask if I had four silk scarves in stock. She was a bit frantic. Her daughter is marrying a Turk and his family is arriving in Alaska for the reception. My friend fears they will be cold, so wanted to give the ladies something pretty and Alaskan to warm them on their arrival. I didn’t have the scarves already painted, so I made them to order showcasing Alaskan wildflowers. I was thankful to have some lovely crepe de chine silk on hand. It is a bit sheer with an elegant drape. I like it because the colors dye vibrant into the silk. Silk will warm the new relatives a bit, but I guarantee they will be borrowing polar fleece or wool for our cool evenings.

Iris/Siberian Flag on silk

Iris/Siberian Flag on silk (14″ x 72″)

Columbine on silk

Columbine on silk (14″ x 72″)

Iris/Siberian Flag on silk

Iris/Siberian Flag on silk (14″ x 72)

19 thoughts on “Alaska Wildflowers on Silk

  1. These are so beautiful and what a nice thing for your friends to do. The night thoughts that go with these will warm them too. I did not know you painted these Susie Athens. WOW

  2. Holy cats, girl! Those are exquisite! They will, at the very least, warm the hearts of your friend’s new relatives!

  3. And mine! And Fae’s! She has a Words & Pictures class she is teaching at the end of thr month at the gallery up here where she is presently included in a show about healing through art. You would eat it right up!

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