Sketches of June in Alaska

About ten days ago, the sun came out and finally it warmed up. I’ve been outside sketching, gardening and playing. Without┬ápolar fleece.

Down at the Matanuska River.

Stopped to sketch the lovely River Beauty, or dwarf fireweed, as it grows along the Matanuska River. A cloudy day.

Near our house are lagoons. They are full of ducks and surrounded by flowers.

I sat on our four-wheeler as I sketched the lagoons and listened to the mother duck talk to her ducklings.

Last Thursday, I was a part of the reading program at our local (38 miles away) new library. We blew into a mixture of bubbles and paint, then laid paper on it. What great results. Art is such fun!

Children in the new Sutton Library courtyard.

Bubbles and paint and a few sparkles.