Fishing and Sketching in Prince William Sound

Alaska has been cold and rainy this summer, but my husband and I decided to go fishing with our boat in Prince William Sound this week anyway. The forecast called for calm seas and rain, but this might be as good as it gets with our short summer.

We dropped three shrimp pots into about 400 feet of water and brought home some beautiful shrimp to have on Father’s Day. We fished for halibut, but didn’t get even a nibble. We came upon several icebergs. Here is a photo of one. We watched as it rolled over. It groaned and creaked as it turned and the seagulls seem to enjoy the ride.

We came upon a seiner with a man waving us over. He and his friends were “dead in the water”; without power and a dead battery. They were unable to even drop anchor because it requires electricity to run the hydraulics. First, my husband gave them gas for their little generator in an attempt to charge the battery, but that didn’t work. Then he gave them our extra battery to see if it would turn over the starter. That didn’t work. We floated next to them as the skipper climbed into the crow’s nest to call his wife on his cell phone since his radio also runs on electricity and his handheld radio didn’t reach the Coast Guard in Valdez. It was amusing to listen as he convinced her to send the Coast Guard for help. We went on our way, but kept in radio contact until we saw the Coast Guard boat on their way to tow them back to Valdez.

On the morning we left, the sun peeked through the clouds and we walked on the beach. We picked the shrimp pots and my husband fished while I sketched.

On our way home, we stopped and these little wild sweet peas were growing in the gravel by the side of the road. I picked some and sketched them as my husband drove. Their colors are so rich. I used an ink that is water-based so it blends a bit when I added the watercolor over the top. I actually like to sketch in a moving vehicle as long as their aren’t many curves in the road. The pen just bounces happily along with the bumps.