Fall Sketches on Craft Paper

Lately I’ve seen some of my friends sketching on brown craft paper and thought I would give it a try. Watercolor seems to just soak into the paper, creating only muddy color, so I usedĀ gouache paint. Gouache is water based, but it is opaque and doesn’t soak into the paper like watercolor. I started with black pen, then followed with paint. Some of the lines get coloredĀ over, unlike watercolor. Because I was a bit timid with this new technique, I used white and black paint alone for the first sketch.

White and black gouache with pen and ink on craft paper

This was so much fun, I decided to add color to the next sketch and used a full spread of two pages.

Painting with gouache was much easier than I thought, but sketching on watercolor paper is still my favorite.

Mushrooms growing in our lawn