Hiking and Sketching Near Glaciers

Our windows look out to the Chugach Mountains, where sunlight bounces around, revealing fissures and snow packs . Monument Glacier rests deep in the crags like a jewel in a setting. Surrounded by higher peaks, it glows with reflected light. I sketched it while the sun made lovely shadows on the ice. Monument Glacier  Sketch This has been a busy summer with lots of outdoor activities. We hiked near the Matanuska Glacier, just ten miles from us. There is a knob, known as Lion’s Head with a trail leading to the top where you can see for miles in every direction.

July 14 13 056

Facing east toward Eureka Summit, Glennallen and the border.

July 14 13 063

Looking south into the glacier toward Prince William Sound.

July 14 13 068

Facing west toward Palmer and Anchorage. Our house in the upper right.