My Way or the Highway-the Lake

Having only found lichens and bare trees to sketch since the snow melted, I walked beside the lake, hopeful of finding the first spring flowers. Crocus buds and blossoms had just bloomed and I sat among them, happily sketching while raindrops pattered around me and on the paper. I walked a few steps toward the lake and sat to sketch it as a background for the wildflowers. When I was almost done, I heard a splash like a body falling into the water, then I heard another. I didn’t hear any gasps or cries like I knew there would be if humans were jumping in a lake where ice had been days ago. Then I heard the muffled voices of the swans. They were talking to each other in that lovely low honk, honk they do right after landing. I looked around a tree and there they were, white against the dark water. I must admit that I was feeling a bit hesitant to sketch them because they are so beautiful and I could so easily make them ugly. I started with the one on the right and thought, “I’ll never get the other one” when it stuck its head under water to feed. I never thought about that pose, but it saved me from drawing two swan heads. The texture in the background is from the raindrops falling on the paper. Who needs an umbrella?