My Way or the Highway-Wildflowers in the Rain

Sketching has been between rain showers this week. Sometimes I’ve sketched flowers on the deck through the window. The wildflowers aren’t complaining. Maybe I’ll take a lesson.

The Fairy Slipper is such a beautiful flower with a scent similar to Lily of the Valley. This image didn’t reproduce very well. They are a very beautiful pink.

I’ve been working on a watercolor demo for you. It is in editing. Ha! That means it is in pieces on my computer and I need to learn the program to put it together. Since I might come up with a million reasons not to learn a new program, maybe I should take you on a sketch walk with me and not bother with the editing detail. Where would you like to go? Or should I surprise you?

I’ve been following a beautiful blog called Dixon Hill Diary by Helen who lives in West Yorkshire in the UK. Her photography and writing are fabulous. I’m Helen’s guest blogger this week for her Changing Places series. I hope you take a look at her work.