The Moon Shone Down


Yesterday, I went shopping. The nearest store is fifty miles away, but the scenery is beautiful. We’ve had several snow storms so the sunshine was bright and sparkling.

On the way home, I stopped several times to photograph the full moon. I took this photo at Long Lake, just as darkness started to close in. It was a sad moment because to my left is the site of an accident that occurred a few days ago. A young mother and her two children lost their lives and although I didn’t know them, our small community feels the loss and we freshly face┬áthe danger of driving this road.

What dangers do you face and yet keep going?

Enter the Dark


I’ve lived in Alaska for years, yet the quantity of darkness always sneaks up on me. Every November I mumble, “It’s so dark…” We are fifty miles from the nearest street light and it feels as if the darkness sucks the light right out of the headlights. When the sun peeks out above the mountains, I grab my camera and coat-usually just the camera. Snow fell this week, then the sun came out. Cool.